Portuguese Language Course

Portuguese Language Course (A1/A2)

To facilitate the integration of immigrants into Portuguese society, the Portuguese language poses a significant hurdle within the immigrant community in Portugal. While some public schools offer free Portuguese language courses for foreigners, these individuals often face a waiting period of several months to gain admission.

Recently, the NIALP Intercultural Association Lisboa established a partnership with INOVINTER (Center for Training and Technological Innovation) to provide Portuguese language classes. The course, which covers levels A1/A2, spans a total of 150 hours. Each student is required to pay an appropriate fee to NIALP for participation in the program. The responsibilities of INOVINER and NIALP are delineated as follows:

  1. Facilitating the recruitment of qualified Portuguese language instructors.
  2. Supplying all necessary course materials and stationery for students.
  3. Managing day-to-day classes.
  4. Administering required periodic exams as well as a final examination.
  5. Evaluating and grading the overall performance of all students.
  6. Issuing valid certificates to students who successfully pass the final evaluation, which can be used for Portuguese citizenship applications.

NIALP Responsibilities:

  1. Overseeing the complete admission process for all students.
  2. Managing the classroom environment, ensuring it is equipped with all necessary facilities.
  3. Maintaining updated student personal information and sharing it with INOVINTER as required.
  4. Bearing the responsibility of remitting a fixed cost to INOVINTER based on a per-student arrangement.

For further inquiries and additional information regarding the Portuguese Language Course, please do not hesitate to contact either NIALP or INOVINTER.